What is a gypsum tile? full article

What is a gypsum tile? full article

What is a tile?

Tile is made of a series of dry gypsum plates with galvanized sections, whose surface is covered with a resistant paper called kraft.

This product is also known by other names such as plaster of paris, kenaf, panel and gypsum-coated plates, but please note that the scientific and original name of this product is plaster of paris and other names have fallen on the tongues so to speak.

In fact, gypsum-coated plates are a new type of false ceiling, so it has all the advantages of a false ceiling in addition to its unique advantages and characteristics, for example, its compatibility with the environment, high resistance to earthquakes, fireproof, soundproof. , waterproof, lightness, cheap price, easy installation, unique beauty and appearance and several other advantages.

Types of tiles

Mainly gypsum panels are divided into general categories, each of which has sub-categories. Well, these factors are…

1- Simple

No coating


2- Patterned

virtual sky

Simple plaster tile

Plain gypsum tile is one of the most widely used and simple false ceiling construction materials.

Since the plain gypsum-coated plates are without holes, they do not have sound insulation and reflect the sound.

This product is produced in the dimensions of 60 x 60 cm and is usually installed in the same dimensions, but it is mostly used in office environments and large halls.

Gypsum tile without coating

As you know, it is part of the simple plaster tile category and as the name suggests, these types of plates are not coated.

So, these pages are painted, but the question is, what kind of paint is used in it and what are its advantages?

In response, I must say that white acrylic paint is used, which prevents the growth of micro-organisms in nature on plaster-coated plates.

Coated gypsum tile

These plates are also part of the category of simple gypsum tiles. They are produced and marketed with aluminum coating and are suitable for places such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and swimming pools that are constantly dealing with water and humidity.

Patterned plaster tile

The patterned gypsum tile has a perforated surface, which directs the sounds in the environment to the back of the tile and prevents it from returning, so it has good sound insulation, unlike the plain gypsum coated plate.

This product is also produced and marketed in 60 x 60 cm dimensions, but you can order the dimensions you want.

Metal gypsum tile

They have aluminum covers with black felt. There are circular holes on this tile.

They are mostly used in T24 structures. In such structures, the roof is about 8 mm lower. Note that a shield should be used to install the metal tile.

PVC plaster tile

This type of tile has a patterned PVC coating that is produced in several different designs, these plates have an aluminum coating on their back.

Among the advantages of this product can be mentioned beautiful designs and shapes, no need to paint, easy cleaning, waterproof, etc.

Mineral gypsum tile

(AMF) mineral tiles have a high sound absorption capability and control vibrations and sound reflections in the space, so by absorbing vibrations, it prevents noise in the space and provides a quiet and pleasant environment.

This product is 100% recyclable and free from any harmful chemicals such as asbestos and formaldehyde.

Acoustic plaster tile

Acoustic tile has a unique sound absorption property and is used in public places such as concert halls, medical facilities, theaters, educational, office and commercial spaces to eliminate sound reflection.

Today, acoustic tiles are designed in different designs similar to plaster, stone or even fabric, and their installation is also very easy.

Poshali plaster tile

Poshali plaster tile is made of natural wood wool and magnesite powder mixed with water and solidified.

This product is resistant to mechanical shocks, moisture and sound, and is very suitable for acousticizing educational spaces, swimming pools, office buildings, etc.

virtual sky plaster tile

The virtual sky plaster tile is made of glass tiles, which means they allow light to pass through them.

You can print your favorite scenes and characters on it, for example, cartoon, football, river, forest, sky, etc. images can be installed on the false ceiling structure like a puzzle.

6 very important points in installing the virtual sky plaster tile

1- As you know, in the installation of these tiles, the images are put together in the form of a puzzle, so first draw the square footage on the paper and make it into a grid so that you can make the ceiling 60 x 60.

2- If you plan to implement a specific image on the panel, you should pay attention to the fact that the image must be of high quality, otherwise, because the image will be enlarged, you will not get good clarity and results.

3- Try not to install the virtual sky directly on the cement ceiling, because after some time cement fragments will fall on the back of the panel and cause shadows and disrupt the lighting of the ceiling.

4- Be careful that the wires and cables pass exactly on the sides of the panel, and if a wire or cable passes over the panel, it will cause shadows and disrupt the lighting.

5- To make the work clean and more beautiful, try to remove the far away objects carefully.

6- If you intend to implement the virtual sky on a raw roof, be sure to cover the roof with a material such as lead.

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