Manufacturer of gypsum tiles, click structures, ceiling and false walls

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Gypsum tiles 60x60

Gypsum tiles 60x60

In all kinds of sound absorbent (acoustic) models, anti-moisture, washable

Click structure

Click structure

Shield 60, 120, 360 and true L24 angle



In all kinds of models, white, brown, anti-moisture, anti-fire


Worked sample

About Us

In line with the sacred goal of job creation and domestic production, Adak Production Group has established its production units in various industries since 1375, and in 1386 Adak Poshesh Sharq factory was established in the ceiling and false walls industry in an area of ​​more than 5000 square meters.

Adak Poshesh Sharq factory, by registering the export and international brand APS and trying to supply gypsum tiles and click structures with quality and quality, from the beginning of its activity, it was noticed by the elders of the false ceiling industry and its main production program, 24-hour production of simple and punched gypsum tiles.

Now, with pride and pride, this factory is the only factory in dear Iran that produces gypsum tiles with more than 30 different coatings and 11 punch models and about 350 items, and as the largest and best exclusive producer Types of gypsum tiles are known.

In 2018, with reinvestment, Adak Poshesh Sharq started the production line of click structures, and currently it is the only plant producing click structures in Iran that produces corner products with a real width of 25 mm.

We are proud that with the help and trust of you, our esteemed buyers and colleagues, APS brand has been recognized as the best quality of gypsum tiles and click structures in domestic and foreign markets and a standard for measuring the quality of other brands in Iran, the Middle East and Asian countries. Central and Commonwealth countries.

According to its recent policies, this factory is ready to provide representation and active sales agency throughout dear Iran and all parts of the world, so for information about the conditions of representation, please contact the numbers of the head office.

سید مجتبی هروی

Seyyed Mojtaba Heravi : CEO of APS